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Somewhere in an alternate universe, there were two boys named Phineas and Ferb. They were part of an agency called The Resistance that fought against the evil Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who had recently taken over. The Resistance branched out to many areas in the Tri-State Area, but the main part, or "trunk" as they called it, was in Danville--where the Emperor lived. Their leader was a seventeen year old boy named Alem Jones. He was a very good leader and was very fond of the other kids. He was also very skilled as a doctor, despite not being an adult yet.

One day, Phineas and Ferb were sent by Alem to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated (which is where the evil one lived) to investigate and deduce what his next crime would be.
"Quiet now," Ferb whispered.
The two slowly opened the door and tip-toed inside, carefully shutting the door behind them. Then they began to creep up the stairs. When they made it to the top, they came to a high platform. They cautiously walked to the edge and peered down.
"Where is he?" Phineas wondered aloud, but quietly.
"Right behind you," Heinz's voice said behind them unexpectedly (making Phineas and Ferb jump).
The boys whipped around and saw their enemy standing there, along with his right-hand man, Perry the Platyborg.
"So, are you ready to surrender?" Heinz asked, leaning against a wall.
"No way!" said Phineas.
"Then..." Heinz replied, not really glancing at him. "We'll have to fight."
Phineas and Ferb were prepared for this, thanks to Alem's training. They quickly went into battle mode and narrowed heir eyes at the villains. Platyborg flipped into the air and landed in front of Phineas. A moment later, the two were locked in a fist fight. Heinz began to run away. Ferb chased after him, unaware that Heinz was luring him into a trap. Heinz stopped after a few seconds, and turned around. Ferb came to a halt and stared up at his opponent.
"This will be the end for you," he said.
"Not if I can help it!" Ferb said.
Then the two began to battle.

Phineas dodged a punch from Platyborg, then smacked him in the beak. Platyborg grimaced, then kicked Phineas in the shin. Phineas cringed, and lifted his foot in the air in pain. Platyborg took this time to lunge at Phineas--but the child was too fast for him. Phineas got down and rolled out the way, then sprang back up and turned his head towards his enemy, who was standing behind him. All of the sudden, they heard Heinz cackling, and glanced in that direction. Ferb was hanging off the edge of the platform, with Heinz standing above him.
"It's over, Ferb!" he said menacingly, a cruel smile growing on his face. "Time to die!"
He then did a very shocking thing: he kicked Ferb off the edge of the platform, and watched emotionlessly as he fell.
"FERB!" Phineas screamed at the top of his lungs. In his eyes, everything began to move in slow motion. For what was really less than a second, but seemed like eternity, Phineas could hear his own voice echo in his head, while Ferb's face wore a look of terror. Then Ferb hit the ground with a nasty thud. Everything moved in normal motion again. Phineas saw that Ferb was alive, but the fall had hurt him badly. He felt Heinz's breath inches just behind him, and knew what he wanted to do: he was after Phineas next. Phineas whipped around, leaped over his enemy, and ran down the stairs.
"Coward!" Heinz called after him. "You are next!"
Phineas ran and ran, until he finally reached his injured brother. Ferb moaned, and stared weakly at Phineas.
"Ferb..." Phineas said, sinking to his knees and lifting his brother in his arms. "Please, be alright. Please!"
"Phineas..." Ferb said. It seemed to take a lot of effort for him to speak. He grabbed onto his brother and looked him in the eye.
"Get out...of here..." he ordered.
"N-no Ferb..." Phineas squeaked. "I'll never leave you."
"I be safe...Phineas..." Ferb replied, his voice getting quieter.
"I'll get help," said Phineas. "We'll both be fine!" he added, his voice becoming panicked.
"I...can't...make it..."
"You will!" Phineas said frantically. "You have to!"
"Phineas..." Ferb said, a look of desperation showing in his dimming eyes. "Protect...the others...especially...Jessie...and yourself...when you are...the best buddy...I ever had...thank you. Thank you."
"No...don't leave me!" Phineas shouted, his eyes widening in horror as reality dawned on him. There was nothing he could do. It was hopeless.
"Goodbye...dear brother..." Ferb gasped, as he used the last of his strength to embrace Phineas. Then he lay his head down, closed his eyes, and breathed out. He didn't move an inch.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Phineas yelled, his face lifted upwards.
"They should be back soon," Alem said.
"Good," said Buford. "I still got a score to settle with Ferb."
"You, Ferb, and chess," Jessie said rolling her eyes.
Isabella just laughed. Suddenly, Phineas came barging in the door, carrying something. Everyone froze in shock when they realized it was a body. Ferb's body. Jessie nearly screamed, but barely managed to stop herself. Phineas just cried.
"What happened?!" Isabella asked him.
"Ferb...oh Ferb..." Phineas said. He couldn't get the words out.
"Did Heinz do this?!" Alem questioned, his eyes wide.
Phineas nodded, then began to sob. He dropped to his knees and lowered what he had left of Ferb onto the floor. Jessie just stared at Ferb's body, completely stunned. Then slowly, she walked over to Phineas and hugged him, grieving with her step-brother.
Alem stooped down and picked up Ferb, with tears forming in his eyes.
"We must...have a decent...funeral..." he choked.

Chapter 1Edit

[To be continued.]