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"What are you working on that's so important?"
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This is The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn retold from Ferb's perspective.


There is a lot of stuff about ghosts. Stuff you may find weird...


It was just an ordinary day as a member of The Resistance. Ferb and his step-brother Phineas sat next to each other on the floor. The two were not only brothers, but best friends as well. They had a strong bond that could not ever be broken.
Today, Ferb was working on a new invention. You see, in his spare time, he liked building gadgets that he could use when on a mission.
"How's that new gadget coming along, Ferb?" asked Phineas.
Ferb gave him a thumbs up. "Almost done," he said. "And...there! It's ready!"
"Cool!" said Phineas. "What does it do?"
"It shoots out a rope that wraps around the enemy," Ferb replied.
All of the sudden a loud, blaring alarm sounded. He looked up at the screen that had just turned on above them.
ALERT! ALERT! the screen flashed.
"Grab your battle gear Ferb," said Phineas, standing up. His face had suddenly become angry, showing that he was ready for anything--or, so he thought.

"Ah, Phineas and Ferb, we meet again!" said Heinz, a mean smile on his face. "Are you here to surrender?"
"We'll never join you!" Phineas replied in a sharp tone.
"Just what I thought," said Heinz. He turned to a cyborg platypus standing next to him. "Platyborg, finish them off!" he commanded.
Platyborg walked up to Phineas and Ferb, then stopped. "It ends here!" he said through his translator.
"Ferb," whispered Phineas, "I'll take care of him. You go fight Heinz."
Ferb nodded. As Phineas and Platyborg pulled out blasters and began to fight, Ferb snuck past them and ran towards Heinz until they were face-to-face.
"Giving up?" Heinz said in a taunting voice.
"No!" Ferb answered, anger bubbling up inside of him.
He pulled out his blaster, and Heinz did the same. The two began to fight, until they heard Phineas yell, "Ferb, help me!"
Ferb and Heinz turned their heads and saw that Platyborg had Phineas pinned to the ground, and had his blaster pressed against Phineas's forehead. Ferb quickly pulled out his new gadget from his pocket, aimed it at Platyborg, and fired. A moment later, Platyborg was tied up with a rope, and could not move.
"Way to go, Bro!" Phineas said as he stood and brushed himself off. He stared at Platyborg. "The knot is very tight," he observed.
Heinz began to feel very angry. He was holding something against Ferb, though only him and Ferb knew what, and would not say. Heinz decided that this was the perfect opportunity for revenge.
"That's it!" he shouted at Ferb. "If you won't surrender, and if you won't free my minion, you'll get it!"
"I-I won't," Ferb said, nervously. Then his face turned angry. "I'll never surrender to evil!" he added in a sharp voice.
"So be it," said Heinz. "Take this, goody-two-shoes!" he yelled, smacking Ferb on the head with his blaster.
Ferb cried out in pain and rubbed his head. Without warning, Heinz kicked him hard, knocking him off of the platform they were standing on. Now, this platform was very high, so Ferb found himself plummeting to certain doom, a loud scream erupting from his throat. Then he landed on the ground with a thud. He grimaced as a horrible pain shot throughout his body.
"FERB!" he heard his brother scream.
Ferb closed his eyes, and concentrated on breathing. Soon, he heard footsteps, and felt himself being supported in someone's lap, his head being held up in someone's arms.
"Ferb," he heard Phineas's voice say.
Ferb turned his head in the direction of the voice, and forced his eyes open.
"Oh Phineas, I'm sorry," he whispered, his breathing becoming shallower. "I-I don't think I'll make it."
"Y-you will," Phineas stammered. "Y-you have to."
Ferb's face showed sorrow. "Just go," he said. "Leave me."
"But then you''ll..."
"Nothing can stop that now. Goodbye, brother."
"Ferb, don't leave me!" Phineas cried. "I'll get you to the Emergency Aid. You'll be alright."
Ferb continued to look up at his brother, who he could tell was broken. He wished he didn't have to leave him like that, but he had no choice. He closed his eyes. He then felt himself being dragged somewhere for a while.
Later, he felt himself being lifted and placed gently in a bed. He managed to open his eyes a little, and saw Alem's face, which was filled with sadness. Ferb knew he wouldn't last much longer, but he still worried about his brother--his best friend in the whole world, who he was about to leave for good.
"Alem," he said, softly. He was finding it very hard to breathe. He knew he didn't have much time.
"Yes?" Alem whispered, leaning towards him.
"" Ferb choked out. Then, he closed his eyes, and breathed his last. A split-second later, darkness covered his mind, and he felt nothing.

Ferb's eyes blinked open. Had it been a dream? He sat up, and raised a hand to his face--and saw with a great shock that it was semi-transparent!
"Am I a ghost?" he asked himself. He stood up, and glided off of the hospital bed. He went towards the wall.
"Can ghosts really pass through solid objects?" he wondered aloud. He touched the wall, and it felt the way it always had.

Ferb ghost 2
"Hello, old friend," said a voice behind him.
Ferb turned around, startled, and saw a boy about his age standing by him. He was also semi-transparent, so Ferb figured that he must be a ghost too. The boy had dark, short, brown hair, and deep, dark blue eyes. Something was familiar about his face. Ferb couldn't put his finger on it, but somehow he knew this kid.
"It's me, Ethan Finn!" the boy said.
"Ethan!" Ferb exclaimed.
Ethan was an old friend of Ferb's who had died from lung cancer when Ferb was little. The two had been such good friends, despite that Ethan had been older than him, and it had hurt Ferb deeply to lose him. But he had not remembered Ethan for a long time.
"I've been watching you sometimes," said Ethan. "I don't know why I never visited you, but at least you can see me now."
"Visited me?"
"Nevermind. I'll explain later. I see you found a new best friend after I left. I'm actually glad. I like to see you happy. But, alas, you two are apart now." When Ethan said the last sentence, his face turned sad, and filled with compassion.
"I am so sorry that you had to leave your loved ones," said Ethan sympethetically. "I know how hard it is. But I'm sure we'll see them again someday."
Ferb just stood in silence. Then he realized all of the sudden that he heard someone crying. He turned and saw Phineas, leaning against the side of the hospital bed and sobbing. Ferb's heart ached. He "walked" over to his brother and put a hand on his shoulder.
"I wish I was here with you," he whispered.
"He can't see or hear you," said Ethan.
"I didn't think so," Ferb sighed.
"You can show yourself to people," said Ethan, "But you'd have to learn how first."
Ferb looked at Phineas again, and saw that his face had turned angry, with tears still streaming down his face.
"I will avenge you," he whispered.
Ferb and Ethan's eyes widened. Was Phineas going insane?
"He would never say something like that!" said Ethan. "Would he?"
"No," said Ferb, as fear crept into him. "No he wouldn't."
Just then, Ferb's twin sister Jessie came walking into the room.
"Nooooo!" she shouted, running up to Phineas and putting an arm around him.
As the two began to mourn together, Ferb turned his head away. "This is too much," he said. He just couldn't bear to see both his siblings that upset. Even worse, he could do nothing about it. He wanted to cry, but found that he couldn't. Instead, he was only able to make very faint noises. It sounded like he was sobbing, but no tears came out of his eyes. He had no way to vent out his emotion, which made it even worse.
"Oh, buddy..." said Ethan, rushing to Ferb and wrapping his arms around him.
Ferb returned the embrace and buried his face in his old friend's shoulder, wishing he could cry, but knowing it was useless to try.
"I-I don't l-like th-this," Ferb said. "I-I wish I was st-still alive."

The next day, the Resistance held a funeral for Ferb. Phantom Ferb could do nothing but watch all of his friends mourn over his dead body. Again, he wanted to cry, but could not. And no one was even aware of his presense. Phineas sat down by Ferb's casket and bawled, shaking his head in unbelief. Ferb sat down next to him, wishing he could comfort him. He put a hand on his brother's shoulder and whispered to him, but Phineas didn't notice a thing. Then Phineas stood slowly and walked over to where Jessie and Isabella stood. The girls were crying too, and tried to comfort Phineas, but couldn't.

Later, Phineas stalked into a corner and mumbled to himself, his face turning angry again. Jessie snuck over to him and gave him a questioning look.
"Why do you look angry?" she asked him.
{C}"It's Heinz's fault," Phineas growled. "He did this. He will pay. Yes, he will pay."
"Phineas," Jessie replied in a shocked voice, "You're not thinking about getting revenge, are you?"
{C}Phineas's eyes became like piercing arrows, ready to be fired at an enemy. Ferb could tell for sure that insanity was creeping into his head. Then Phineas's face softened, a scared look on it.
"Please don't tell anyone," he pleaded.
Jessie sighed. "Alright," she said, reluctantly.
"Thank, Sis!" said Phineas. He then stalked outside of the building.
Ferb tried to follow him, but bumped into the door--which had been closed a split second before he could get there. Surprisingly, he felt no pain.
Oh, right. I'm dead, he remembered.
"To pass through walls," Ethan's voice suddenly said in his mind, "Just think very hard about it."
Ferb stood, then thought so hard his ghostly mind felt strained. Then he closed his eyes, and walked forward. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was outside.
There stood Phineas, in front of a large spaceship. In front of the spaceship stood a strange, tall, white alien with a black mustache, and a strange fox wearing a cape.
"What is your desire?" the fox asked Phineas.
"To--" started Phineas. "To avenge my dead brother. He was killed by my enemy."
"We could help you get your revenge," said the fox. "If you join us, you will become stronger, and you will easily overtake your enemy."
Phineas stood there for another minute, thinking.
"No Phineas!" Ferb shouted. But Phineas couldn't hear him.
Phineas smiled evilly, which made Ferb shiver. "Alright," he said. "I'll do it."
He began to follow the fox and the alien into the spaceship.
"No, don't!" Ferb shouted. He ran over to Phineas and tried to grab his arms and pull him away. But Phineas felt very heavy, and Ferb fell backwards, landing hard on his seat--which didn't even hurt.
"No no no..." Ferb said, as he watched his brother disappear. He wanted to cry again, but still couldn't. His brother was slowly destroying himself in his anger, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.
Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned, and saw that Ethan was standing beside him.
"What am I going to do?" Ferb asked him.
Ethan thought for a moment. Then slowly, he said, "I will teach you the art of being a phantom. When you are ready, you will then have to look for a good chance to use what you have learned, and hopefully save your brother."

1 Month Later...

"Do you think I'm ready yet?" Ferb asked.
"Sorry, but you haven't learned enough quite yet," said Ethan.
"But every day my brother is falling deeper and deeper into his fate!" Ferb shouted, standing up.
"Patience," said Ethan. "Calm down. There is no use in getting worked up over something you can't fix yet, is there?"
Ferb sat back down and sighed. "I guess not," he said. Then he remembered something. "Is it okay if I check on an old friend of mine?" he asked.
"Sure," said Ethan, standing up. "Where to?"
"Eric Greene's room in the Resistance Hideout," said Ferb.

"There he is," Ferb said quietly.
Ferb's old friend Eric was lying down on his bed and sobbing.
"Poor guy..." Ferb sighed.

[To be continued.]