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The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn is the first book of The Bitterness Trilogy.


When Ferb is killed by Heinz, Phineas
swears vengence. But when Ferb's ghost appears and gives a warning, will Phineas listen? Or will he be destroyed by his own hate?

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A friend of the author wrote this review:

TBOPF doesn't just get into your mind, its writing goes right down and penetrates your heart. Though there are many sad moments, there are also fun, happy times. And for people who just don't like reading in general....I'm telling you, this is not reading. The writing draws you into the story as if you were living it. There is nothing boring about reading this story. It is not only a wonderful, well-written story, but it also has a wonderful moral. In the end, a lesson is learned. If I could rate the story, I'd rate it "Excellent," with 5 full stars. TBOPF is truly a story you do not want to pass over. It is a story with both ups and downs, good times and bad times that will touch your heart like never before.

Alternate EndingEdit

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