830px-Kick It Up a Notch - Alt Candace (2) Look out!

"He might strike at anytime, even in a way you may not see coming!"
Unless you want to know when he'll strike next, you may want to be cautious as you read this page.

The Bitterness of Candace Flynn is the second book in The Bitterness Trilogy.


Phineas and the now-resurrected Ferb discover that their

Ferb comforting Phineas after a tragic discovery.

older sister Candace is working for the enemy, and must somehow convince her to come back to the good side.

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A friend of the author wrote this review:

TBOCF is just like all of the other stories in the bitterness trilogy....heart-warming, touching, and meaningful. It has a fun-loving way of presenting the story, yet it filled with a lot of "bitterness" (after all, it is the bitterness trilogy) that we see in real life. Combine those realities with the fun and exciting world of Phineas and Ferb, and voila, you have the Bitterness Series. TBOCF contains heartbreak, anger and bitterness, but are all healed and are turned into tears of gratefulness instead of anger. TBOCF is all-together a great story, full of happy tears, good times, and touching moments. Recommended to any and all Phineas and Ferb fans.