These are trailers that would be showing if these stories were movies.

The Bitterness of Phineas FlynnEdit

Trailer #1Edit

Announcer: In another universe...

[Fade from black to a shot of Phineas and Ferb's house.]

Announcer: ...four kids lived happily...

[Fade to Phineas, Ferb, Jessie, and Candace together. Then the screen suddenly goes black again.]

Announcer: ...until darkness came.

[Cut to next scene, with Heinz smiling menacingly at Phineas.]

Heinz: I am Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and I am taking over your pitiful Tri-State Area!

[Cut to Phineas and Ferb in the underground hideout.]

Ferb: Our job is to resist Heinz, and to protect what is left of Danville.

[Cut to Phineas and Ferb facing Heinz and Platyborg.]

Heinz: Are you here to surrender?

Ferb: No.

Heinz: Take this!

[He kicks Ferb, who falls off of the platform they're standing on. The screen goes black, then fades to Phineas crying.]

Phineas: This is all because of Heinz! He did this to Ferb.

[His face becomes full of rage. The screen goes black yet again. Cut to Phineas walking to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, an evil glare on his face. We hear a voiceover of Alem.]

Alem: Now Phineas is gone too...

[Cut to Phineas taking out his lightsaber while inside of the building. Voiceover continues.]

Alem: He is being controlled by hate...

[Cut to Phineas battling Heinz. Then cut to Jessie. She has a both sad and worried expression.]

Jessie: There's gotta be a way to stop him!

[Cut to Phineas battling Heinz again, his face getting more menacing. Now we hear a voiceover of Ferb, but his voice echoes a bit.]

Ferb: This is why we cannot let darkness take us over.

[Cut to Phineas sitting on the porch of his old home at night, looking depressed. He turns his head, and sees something in the distance that startles him. For about a second, you see Ferb in a ghostly form. The screen then goes black, and the title "The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn" shows, with another echoey voiceover from Ferb.]

Ferb: Phineas, you have forgotten who you are.

[Fade to black.]