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"He might strike at anytime, even in a way you may not see coming!"
Unless you want to know when he'll strike next, you may want to be cautious as you read this page.

Jeremy Johnson is an antogonist and a minion of Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Early LifeEdit

Jeremy was born to harsh parents who soon abondoned him. Heinz didn't care about him, but wanted a loyal minion, so he took Jeremy in and raised him to be evil.

Present LifeEdit

Jeremy is now an evil rogue who works for Heinz. He is trying to get Candace to love him again, but has not succeeded.


Heinz DoofenshmirtzEdit

Even though it was Heinz who raised him, Jeremy thinks of him as his master rather than his father (and vise-versa).

Candace FlynnEdit

Jeremy and Candace used to be dating, but for a currently unknown reason they broke up. Jeremy wants to be with Candace again, but she hates him now.