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Ferb Fletcher is the main supporting character in The Bitterness Trilogy, and the brother of

Ferb Fletcher

Jessica Fletcher and step-brother to Phineas Flynn and Candace Flynn.

Early LifeEdit

Ferb was born one month earlier than Phineas. At the moment, very little is known about Ferb's past. Exactly what happened to his birth mother is unknown. When Ferb was very young, his father remarried, gaining him a step-mother, a step-sister, and a step-brother.

Present LifeEdit

Ferb is one of the agents of The Resistance. His parents went missing after Heinz took over, and still haven't been found. He often goes on missions with Phineas.


Ferb is a quiet, kind and wise boy. He is very close to his stepbrother and will do anything to keep him safe from not only evil, but also himself.


Phineas FlynnEdit

Phineas and Ferb are step-brothers and best friends. They have a very strong bond with each

Ferb comforting Phineas after a tragic discovery.


Whenever Phineas gets depressed, Ferb is there to comfort him.

In The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn/The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn: Another Story, Ferb was very sad to leave his brother behind when he died.

Also he (in his ghost form) watched everything that Phineas did afterward, and was horrified.

Later, his ghost visits Phineas and warns him that if he continues down the evil path, he will eventually destroy himself.

When Ferb is resurrected, he is overwhelmingly happy to be with his siblings again--especially Phineas.

In The Bitterness of Candace Flynn, after they discover that Candace has turned against them, Phineas begins to cry and Ferb comforts him. The two share really sweet dialogue as well.

Later, Ferb saves Phineas from Candace after a failed mission to turn her back to the good side.

Later, after they receive visions from Phineas's deceased father, Ferb has to let Phineas go and talk to Candace again. Ferb is very worried about him, but has no choice.

In The Bitterness of the Empire, when Phineas spots Heinz building something on his roof, he wants to go and spy on him. Ferb is worried about his brother, but reluctantly lets him go. Later, when a pyscho Irving shows up, Ferb keeps him from hurting Phineas. When Jeffville is destroyed, Ferb prevents Phineas from running into the city so that he isn't killed too. Soon afterwards, Ferb tries to comfort Phineas, even though he is crying just as hard. Not too long later, Phineas, who thinks he's responsible for Jeffville's fate, tries to kill himself twice. Ferb stops him and comforts him, then they head back to the Resistance Hideout. Later that night, Phineas hears the voice of his deceased biological father calling for help (which turns out to be a trap). Ferb is suspicious, but reluctantly lets him go--leading to Phineas's capture. Ferb rescues Phineas from Heinz's prison soon afterwards. Unfortunately, Heinz catches them trying to escape, and assembles his minions to fight. Phineas goes off to fight Irving by himself (so that he'll leave the others alone), even though Ferb doesn't want him to. Ferb later finds him wounded and gets help. At the end, he visits Phineas in the Emergency Aid and wishes him a happy 13th birthday, which finally confirms his age.

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