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It is a poison that can supposedly cure some sort of illness, but is very dangerous. It is usually taken in by inhaling it. (The same goes for its anti-dote.)

Currently Unnamed Variety #1Edit

This kind of Doloris is much more deadly than the original, and currently has no cure. The victim feels a horrible, gripping pain inside of their body. As the days go on, it gets worse and worse (especially when the victim eats). What is actually happening is, the victim's liver is being destroyed little by little, very slowly, until too much of it is gone for the victim to survive. After that, death is usually inevitable.


The Bitterness of the EmpireEdit

After Jeffville is destroyed, Phineas blames himself for it and attempts to kill himself using the original Doloris. Luckily, Ferb notices that something is wrong...

Tears of BitternessEdit

Word of God states that Doloris will be used more in this series.


  • According to Google translate, "doloris" is Latin for "pain".
  • There is an anti-dote called "Anti-Doloris". However, Word of God states that when certain villains in Tears of Bitterness experiment with Doloris and make new varities of it, the anti-dote will no longer help.