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Candace Flynn

Candace Flynn is the sister of Phineas Flynn sister and step-sister to Ferb and Jessica Fletcher. She is a supporting character in The Bitterness Trilogy.

Early LifeEdit

Candace and her younger brother Phineas witnessed their father's death. Later, their mom remarried and Candace gained a step-brother and a step-sister.

Present LifeEdit

Candace is now a member of The Resistance and a former minion of Heinz Doofenshmirtz.


When in battle, she is very agressive and fierce, but is very loving underneath. She cares deeply about her siblings.


Alem JonesEdit

Candace and Alem are in love, and might be dating.

At the end of The Bitterness of Candace Flynn, they experience love at first sight...

Jeremy JohnsonEdit

They were once dating, but broke up for some reason. Jeremy wants Candace back--but she isn't letting that happen!

Jessica FletcherEdit

They are step-sisters. Not much of their relationship is known, but they seem to care about each other.

Phineas FlynnEdit

Phineas is Candace's younger brother. Somehow, Candace is able to sense when he is near and/or in danger.

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