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"He might strike at anytime, even in a way you may not see coming!"
Unless you want to know when he'll strike next, you may want to be cautious as you read this page.

"Always ready to protect."
-Alem Jones

Alem is a protagonist and leader of The Resistance.
Alem jones agent

A design for Alem.

Early LifeEdit

Alem only remembers snippets of his past. His mom was killed years ago when there was a mysterious bombing on their house. The next thing he remembers is waking up to find that he was under the care of different parents. They said his father was alive, but Alem couldn't remember what had happened after that. The next thing he remembers is being found by Major Monogram and later becoming the leader of the Resistance.

Present LifeEdit

Alem is now leading the Resistance against Heinz Doofenshmirtz.


Alem is very kind, and is always willing to protect his friends. However, he becomes very rough when around an enemy.


Phineas and FerbEdit

Alem is very good friends with both, and often worries about their safety.

Candace FlynnEdit

Candace and Alem are in love, and could possibly be dating.

Heinz DoofenshmirtzEdit

They hate each other.

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